Do they get drafted?

How often does a D2 or D3 pitcher get drafted?

I can’t answer the question as it’s posed but I can give you an example:

2003 - Josh Sharpless
24th round Draft Pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Attended Allegheny College
D3: North Coast Athletic Conference
MLB Debut: 08/01/2006

Nick webber from UCM here in the Burg got drafted last year. There is always 2 or 3 that get drafted every year from here

I’ll give a rough estimate and say that about 20-40 players get drafted from D-II or D-III schools in a given year. There may actually be more. I know of one D-II school in the northeast that had 5 guys drafted last year and one or two more sign as undrafted free agents. As I said in another post, any D-II or D-III school can have prospects, they just usually have less than a D-I program. 90 mph is 90 mph no matter where you play.

Jason Hirsh from Cal Lutheran, a D3 program, was the first pick of the Astros in 2003 (2nd round). Two other Cal Lu players were also drafted that season. It isn’t all that common but it happens. I believe Jason who is 6’8" tall hit 97 in a workout for the Astros just prior to the draft. He’s currently a low 90s control pitcher who was traded to the Rockies.