Do they care that much?

Ok well i am trying to get on a showcase team called the Minnesota Blizzard. So they had a representative from the team come and watch my game today! Well i did pretty well i guess. 0-0 2 BB’s and a Stolen Base. I caught two nice diving catches in RF today (I dont have one spot when i play OF)

But when he came over and asked my coach for my season stats well i have a .000 batting average but with a 1.000 OBP.

Ive only been playing for 4 games because of a music tour i went on. But one question are they going to turn me down because i havnt gotten a base hit? Even tho i have walked every time this season?

What is your opinion?

Ehhh I was on JV last year and my cousin was on varsity as a freshman. I would always ask him how he did and it alwyas involved a walk. Well experiencing varsity for myself I noticed that walks can only get you an RBI when bases are loaded. But besides that its nice but its so much better to hit the ball. Even for moral its much much better to hit the ball. I knew a lot of times I could have walked or tried to draw a walk but that usually involves getting deep into counts with 2 strikes and its easier to get hits without 2 strikes in general but I had alot of 2 strike hits.

I could have had more walks but I hit in the 320s for a sophmore on varsity which was not too bad. But I know I could have had a lot more walks but its a lot better to hit the ball dude, just remember that. If your always looking to walk sometimes it doesn’t look too good.

I know i want to hit the ball! I want more RBIs in four games i only have 1! But when i do swing at the ball its either out of the zone. Im just not getting anything to hit.

Well theres nothing you can do about that. I know how you feel. Everytime I walk it’s usually 4 strait balls and I moan and groan all the way down the line saying how much I hate walking. If it isn’t a close game 3-0 I will just swing and foul it off until I get a good one.

Well im hoping i can get a good Hitting streak started. Maybe i will just be alot more agressive.

Only prollom is with being overly agrezsive is coaches get mad and thnk that ur just doing it for stats and not for the team. Which is why i wont swing at the low and outside pitch because i want to win and be a team player.

Team first your right. Just don’t be too agressive but if its in there take a hack at it.

i was just like that too
every game i would walk 2-3 times

i learned a way that got me out of it… n i hope it works for u too
as a batter, i stopped worrying about if it was a strike or a ball
the only thing i thought about was if its hittable or not hittable
when u start thinking balls n strikes… there are gonna be umps that have different strike zone, n being picky can get u in trouble

thats my opinion

Just play your game man. If your a patient hitter work the count take the pitches you dont like get your pitch to hit and DRIVE IT! IF your an aggressive guy be agressive. I know my coach likes when we work the count. Dont try to change your game up for a team. I did that and it didnt work out the way i wanted. Just be confident in yourself stick to your hitting game and the hits will come on there own. You cant force em.