Do pitchers use one fastball grip?

I know i have to got a good fastball but does that mean with only one grip? Do pitchers throw 2 seamer-4 seamers-cutterS? as different fastballs except their breaking balls and change up?Or they use only on fastball.

The question is open ended depending on age and the pitcher himself/herself.

For example, a pitcher in the youth game - 12 and under, I see tosses a fastball with the best grip that maintains control in the hand. On the other hand, the size of the hand and other physical endowments would preempt any grip, regardless of the age.

For those pitchers with the gift of mental reasoning, a grip with finger pressure here-n-there, and a keen sense of observation, all coupled with a … “Whoa Nelly… did I just see that…” when the ball is sent down range … reinforces an examination of … " now, how did I just hold this thing?" I use to sit in a lawn chair and watch guys in practice toss the ball around for literally hours … look at the ball, spin it in their hand, toss the ball some more, re-grip the ball just a little different, and so on. I could always tell when something new was added to the complexion of whatever pitch they were messing with. Their face would light up … and bingo… “give me the ball back… quick!”

Pitchers who literally survive out there, don’t remain static with just one grip, regardless of the pitch and how the ball is held. These guys reinvent themselves on a regular basis - always experimenting, always testing the waters.

This is an outstanding question and one that deserves a “good thinking.”

In addition to what I just mentioned, as a pitcher gets older and certain muscles no longer abide by intent, grips and body language change … and change dramatically.

Funny thing about getting older and change … what the mind thinks is going on, or will, doesn’t necessarily follow through with everything that sits underneath the mind.

A grip may work for a length of time, but, the grip is only a small portion of the choreography that a pitcher travels with.

I had a man who, in his early and mid 20’s, had this windup leg kick like Sandy Koufax. The man was an absolute vision of athletic ability in motion. When he turned 30, his muscles just weren’t in step with his intentions, not to mention sending every other pitch from the bullpen, at the groundkeepers. He even tried to knock it down a peg with the leg kick like Bob Feller - no dice. Finally, he matched his body’s ability, his grips and so forth by fine tuning his junk. Got rather good at it too.

I just throw a 4 seam.

My son and I both use 2 and 4 seam FB. The 4-seam has a bigger movement and slightly faster. I like to pitch more 2-seam because it’s easier to control and I can make the ball “weighted” to hit the bottom of the zone consistently. This helped to simulate the good pitching from better pitchers. I can hit A-C zones easily and focus on the corners during BP.

We recently began experimenting a new grip between 2 and 4-seam, it showed a slightly different movement. In all honesty, all types of grips will require some times to master with consistent practices. Learning a new grip/pitch helped to motivate us when our arms were getting tired and wanting to stop. Our goal was not to mater all types of pitches, but to enjoy the learning process.

A wise coach shared with me a few years ago, “don’t fall into the trap of wanting to pitch faster balls, instead, learn to pitch better; the faster part will come later!” As of today, we still have not officially clocked our pitches. We have deliberately not asked for the tryout results when they recorded the speed. We just want to focus on the controls and movement, and most importantly, the mechanics.

Good luck.