Do not get upset

When you have a bad pitching performance do not get mad or up-set. Just focus on the + of the situation. Error means you can improve more and get even better. Notice why you did bad then try to improve on it.

my last game I was pitching in pain because of my disease called eosinophilic esophagitis meaning pain of the esophagus/stomach. This slowwed my body down and made me use my arm because it set my timing way off. But I got the job done. I wasn’t made because I know that I can get them next time an fix my mechanics to get them al close to perfect. Now that i think + I can rebound one bad start to the next and forget about the last one.

Timing was off a mila second. It had to do with hand break and it wasn’t like it normally was. I didn’t know that in game but after the game i realized after going through my mechanics a little that it was how i broke my hands so I thought + and changed it.


As Steven Ellis say’s in his emails they send out


see, I feel that as a pitcher you have to take each hit that the other team gets as an insult to you and you have to shut them down. To be a good pitcher you have to pitch with your emotions, you must control them. If you use your anger to fuel an excellent performance, you will do well. You simply cannot get upset or lose control on the mound. If you watch Josh Beckett (my favorite player) he often gets extremely angry but then he gets back in there and buckles down. People may disagree with me, but that’s how I feel.

Al Hrobasky anyone? He really gave the allusion that he was mad, although he was really very controlled, so pulling off a good acting performance can really get in the batter’s head.

john rocker anyone? the guy was coming out the pen like a bull and get out there and strike out everybody screaming to hell while he threw pitches. and just hope you didn’t get a hit against him last time you faced him because the ball was heading to your head in a hurry. i mean the guy was a psycho.
same thing can be said about rob dibble. i saw him once throw at a guy shoulder and the guy was really upset and usually you see batters charge the mound but it was dibble who charged homeplate to knock the guy out like crazy.

Anyone ever watched Al Leiter pitch? Probably the guy who shows he most emotion that I have ever seen. He use to get so upset he’d just walk around the mound, go behind the mound squat down put his hands on his head and look down. You knew when he was angry or upset. He was 162-132 but he pitched for the mets from 98-04 and they werent exactly th best team at that point. I think he could have gotten a lot more wins if he played somewhere else.

Well, he originally came up with the Yankees, had he stayed there he might have been succesful. He then returned to the team at the end of his career.

your going to give up hits. i like what ??? said about hits are like insults, they are.
on the mound youve got to stay calm. and take each batter as they come