Do I throw hard for my age


I am currently 14 gonna turn 15 soon and I was wondering if I throw hard for my age. I average low 80s and can touch 85. Off -speed is around 70s.


If you are 14 and are touching 85 I would think you know you throw well above average for your age. Two things would indicate this. You throwing harder than almost all of the guys you play with or against and coaches lining up to kiss your rump.
There are JC and small college programs that have one or two guys that throw harder than 85.
I am not saying it is not true. I am just saying, despite what You Tube and special select blah-blah tournaments on TV may have you think, hard throwers are still rare. If you are 14 and sitting, say, 82 and touching 85 that is in the top few percentiles. If no one has said anything to you about it you need to get your numbers checked.


I would say yes. I knew two kids that threw around what you are throwing at that age. One is already committed D1 before our junior year and the other could go play baseball but he’s playing football.


Im not very big ether I’m 5 feet 7in


Post a video.


My son was above average at 14 and he threw 72-75 mph. At 16 he’s at about 80 and still above average.


you rock bro


When I get radared they use the pitch f/x.


What is a pitch f/x?


As long as it is all set up correctly should be pretty accurate then.
The same can be said for radar gun, they have to be “tuned” which a lot of guys who are not scouts don’t do.
Ok, so you have well above velocity, I suspect you already knew that. It should be self evident.
Unless you are on a totally stacked showcase team you would be well above average on your team.
Begs the question…


Why, when I already know I throw hard for my age, would I ask a pitching forum if I throw hard for my age?
Seems a bit self-serving rather than an honest inquiry.


I’ll believe it when he posts a video. :smile:


I believe him now.
No reason for anyone to lie. At 5’ 7" I do want to see his mechanics though, must be explosive.
I am not trying to discourage him at all, just, if he is touching 85 he knows he throws gas.


Unfortunately, the Internet is full of kids exaggerating their pitching velocity (see YouTube). Maybe this kid is honest. I just take these claims with a grain of salt. :boy:


youtube is brutal hahaha


Yeah, YouTube/online is generally brutal in two ways.
It seems to be crawling with people exaggerating what they do (just not pitching) or people trying to tear other people down. If you play an instrument at all, post yourself playing a song and just wait for the tidal wave of hate…its just pointless negativity.
So, I hope this kid is right. I believe he is. A true flamethrower is a rare thing.


I really need to just focus on control and movement on my fastball.


Have you noticed a constant miss?
Up and in, down and away etc?


Up or belt high


I believe my grip may be to lose.