Do I throw fast enough?


I am 13 yrs old I am 5 11’ and weigh 112 pounds and I throw at a top speed of 58 on my 4 seam do I throw fast enough?




Yes. You’re too young to obsess over velocity. Work on mechanics and control. Velocity will come as you mature and grow.


Ok for my 13u team I am the most accurate on my team they pitch me BC I’m a contact pitcher if you’d say and batters become confused due to the deception of my motion


Is that good or bad


Ok I’ll give you a longer answer. Right now you’re throwing strikes, you’re getting batters out and you’re healthy. At 13 years old, You are at the crossroads. You either keep doing what your doing and enjoy playing baseball for the rest of your life, evolving as you mature and become older and stronger OR, you can start thinking about baseball in a more competitive way, trying to be the best at the highest level you can reach. This also means you will need to start working out, practice hard and spend a lot of time on the field. There really isn’t any in between. The guys you see on TV chose #2 the men you see playing at your local field chose #1 . Both are very happy.


I definitely think of baseball as a very competitive sport I love playing I am very dedicated and work every day I play for my Travel Team and my Middle School team so I most definitely am working on choice number two