Do I still have a chance?

I’m going to a DIII college in New York City (City College of New York) and I’m planning on trying out for the team next year. I’m 5 feet 10 inches and 180 pounds and throw right handed. I actually tried out as a freshman, but didn’t impress (although I might have left an impression when my last pitch got away from me and almost hit the coach… :roll: ). After that I got to thinking what my problems were. I had problems with my mechanics. I opened up too soon and my foot would land to the first base side. Since then I’ve worked very hard to correct my problems and I think I’ve improved(going to post a video later this week). So is it too late for me to try out again?

For this season it is probably too late, but it can’t hurt to ask the coach. If he says it is too late ask him when the next try-outs are, make sure to leave an impression, but don’t throw the ball at him…lol

How hard do you throw?

Well I haven’t been clocked, but I’d say something like low 80s- mid 80’s.

If that were true, you would have made the team. I don’t care how bad your control is, at a D III college you would have made the team because of your arm strength alone. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible but I highly doubt it. I know DI programs that if a walk-on flashed anything above 84 mph, they would take him in a second.

That being said, You have two things that you need to work on before the next time you tryout. You need to work on velo and control. The only way you can work on that is through reps. You have to find someone to catch you or a place that you can workout so that you can get better and turn some heads next year.

Well I’m not really sure, like I said I haven’t been clocked. But your probably right. I know then I didn’t have the velocity to get on the team, but I’ve been working hard since then and like you suggested, I’ve been doing a lot of reps.

yeah i doubt low to mid 80s because i’ve been throwing for almost 4 years im 5’8 and i JUST hit low 80s!! lol probably throw i say high 60s low 70s because you are just starting right?

I’ve been working for 2 years.

It’s probably too late for this year – the season already started – but there’s no harm in asking.

If you can’t make the team this year, make sure you play in a decent summer league and find out about trying out for the college team in the fall.

One decent league in your area is the Pancho Coimbre league, which plays every Sunday in Central Park. It’s not the best, but the competition is pretty good, and once you make friends in that league they will tell you about better leagues you also join.

If you’re interested in getting private lessons, and can get across the river to NJ, PM me for more info.

How old are you?
and im pretty sure how long you’ve been pitching won’t mean you can’t throw the ball hard. More than anything I think pitching for longer improves control more than velocity