Do i need to lift?

i play on a 13 and under baseball team and they have me clocked at low 70’s to mid 70’s im 5’11 and 115lbs. at age 13. the HS coach is wanting me to pitch varsity in 8th grade i think i have a good shot at collage or even further and i go to a pitching coach who used to play pro and i have near perfect form. do i need to start lifting now? what exercises do i need to do and how much?

at 13 you could start lifting weights but i would recommend staying away from them for at least another yr bcuz of the chance of injuries. Push ups,pull ups,sit ups,running all that stuff would help right now for you but if your gonna use weights dont rush things make sure your only lifting 3 times a week at the most to give your body time to recover.

Yeah. Don’t lift weights yet. Instead do body weight bearing exercises.

At your age you can practice technique with no added weight. In a couple of years once you start to physically mature you can move onto lifting weights and you’ll already have perfect technique, and you’ll have established a good base of strength.

I would suggest you look at it as strength training instead of weight lifting. Start with bodyweight exercises like lunges and pushups. You can also use bands to do exercises like rows. You can do some shoulder work like front raises, lateral raises, and reverse fly’s with some 3 or 5 lb dumbells. You can do ab exercises like planks. Most of these exercises have pics on my website if you want to know how to do them.

Its definitely not too early to start srength training. Just make sure you aren’t trying to set records now. If the bodyweight exercises are very easy to complete 3 sets of 15 or so, then you might want to consider weights. Until then you should probably stick to some exercises like the ones listed.