Do i need to learn new pitches

do i need to add any more pitches im practicing on a palm ball and a kball

How many Knuckle Ball pitchers in the majors all time…maybe a handfull that is all. Don’t think it is really worth the time.

Depending on how old you are keep your pitches to Fastball 2 and 4 seam, straight change and maybe a circle change. If someone can show you a knuckle curve which doesn’t twist the shoulder and elbow then maybe that. Everything should come from the Fastball armswing until you are 13 or 14. Work more on location vs how many pitches you can throw. Well that is my opinion.

you probably dont throw hard enough to throw a knuckleball. try to improve location and velocity while trying to get some tail on your fastball. If you can develop a good sinking fastball (2-seam fastball) that get good movement you would be deadly, seeing most pitchers develop a good 2seamer when they are older. try and understand how the movement on a fastball works and then apply it when throwing a change up. you’ll be deadly. even more deadly then the guy with the best curveball in your league or the best whatever other pitch someone in your league throw. even the flamethrower, because your fastball will be unhittable. even when batters will hit it it will be pure luck or maybe badluck in your case. the tailling fastball is what you need to learn and remember you can never master it, theres always place for improvement.

how to make a fastball tail?

love the splitter in the arsenal get rid of gyro it is hard to command
stay with the low matenence pitches as in:

2 seam
4 seam
circle change

but definetly keep the splitter if it is going good for you
then turn work off of the low matenence pitches into herder pitches to perfect
cutter-turn into slider
circle change- into screwball
perfect the other pitches with good command and you will be good

Fastball, changeup.
I got by with just the fastball up to and including my freshman year.
Dont throw any breaking pitches, just those two. They’ll be good to you.

tell me about your gyro i want to compare it with mine