Do i need to focus more on velocity

I am a 14 year old pitcher who is 5’ 3" and 110 pounds and is throwing about 78-82 on my fastball. It has good command and i can spot it most of the time. Should i focus more on speed or on my secondary pitches?


four seam fastball
two seam fastball/sinker
circle changeup
curveball(probably will take out when learn the pitch below)
splitter(will learn when hand and fingers get bigger

Why does it have to be one or the other? I say work on your velocity and your other pitches although I’m inclined to say focus on your change-up.

so your saying that ur 5’3, 110lbs and throwing in the 80’s? your joking right?

With a fast ball of 78-82 at 14 I would suggest to focus on making sure you can consistently take 10 mph off your fast ball. You really have great pitch speed for your size and age.

im about same hieght and weight i only throw 65
all you need is a FB a breaking pitch and if you throw that fast a change would be devastating