Do I need tj?


So I’ve been pitching for a while now and my velocity is high. I’m just really nervous because I’m only a sophomore that topped out at 90 and I cant imagine just having tommy john because I heard your arm won’t be the same and I don’t want to take the risk but whenever I throw my elbow hurts, like it hurts to throw when I throw at a high rate of speed but went to a really good pitching coach and taught me better mechanics and doesn’t really hurt my arm now more but the pain is kind of still there, I would say pain but discomfort but I’m just really nervous if it’s tj because it will mess up my whole career and I have such a future for me and just scared to lose it it all:((


Has an orthopedist recommended TJ surgery? If so, what is their background?? Are they trained in sports meds; an emphasis in injuries of throwing sports would be preferred?

IRT TJ- lots of players have it and are able to be very competitive after rehab. The return is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a knowledgeable PT to guide you and lots of hard work, along with a very strict adherence to the recommendations of your medical team.


Today, an astounding 56.8% of all Tommy John surgeries are performed on teenagers. The reason is obvious. I would stop throwing until a sports orthopedic surgeon trained in arm injuries sees and clears you.


so you think I might have tj?


So you think I have tj?


THe thing is I can still lift a lot when I hit the weight room and it doesn’t bother my elbow. Would I still have tj if I can still do all those things?


Why are you seeking medical advice on the interweb?


Well because I have an appointment next week and I’m just nervous that’s why. I just want to get some facts


Could be a lot of things. could be a UCL tear but also could be a forearm strain or just some soreness. how Long is is going on now? the best if you have such a pain is to take two weeks off throwing (and other forearm taxing stuff) and then slowly start throwing again. if it still hurts then go to the doctor.

I would rest my arm until the appointment and wait for the results, that is not easy to do but you don’t have any choice, we aren’t doctors here and even if we were we could only guess without seeing your arm.

People recover fully from TJ all the time but it will likely cost you about 18 months of playing time (at least until you are back to full strength and have your game pitching ability back, you might be able to step on the Mound in games earlier than that but don’t expect to be at your prior Level right away - not just Velo but also command and feel for Spinning offspeed stuff).


I have no idea. Make sure your doctor is an orthopedist trained in sports medicine, specifically throwing injuries. Otherwise you might not get an accurate diagnosis.