Do i need that pitch?!?!?!

OK guys so here is the deal… I am mostly a catcher and made varsity as a freshman becuase of it… BUT i am starting to grow and get stronger so my coach put me in my first varsity game when we were up by 2 with bases loaded and no outs in the 7th:*( well i got outta it and it was amazing… Ever since then i have been known as a kid that can pitch a ball then catch it: / idk its weird… But i have been working on a few pitches such as my curve 4 seem and a circle change… I mostly throw a 2 seem fastball and so here comes my problem… I was told that ALL pitchers should not have there 2 seem as there main fastball… I wanna know Why and If there is something that i should do to make th 4 seem better for me to throw… Becuase right now it just feels weird and i cant get the aim down right… Also my Circle change… I know i need a change but is there an easyier one to master then the circle? cuz i am just starting the pitching thing and i dont know much about it… If there is any pitches i need to add or take away from my set up please let me know and help me out if u can… :shock:

Personnally I think that 4 seem and 2 seem is all prefrence. I prefer 2 seem to 4 seem also. Theres not much difference between them any way just a MPH or two and if you can place the 2 seem better and or get some good movement on it use that.

Who told you this…why didn’t you ask them why?
Try not to over complicate matters by learning too many pitches at once, the change can be thrown in several different ways, the idea is that it looks like a fastball and is up to 10 mph slower, if the circle isn’t working, try 3 fingers with the ball choked back to your palm, hold it loosely, relax when you throw it, the mechanic of throwing it that way will slow it down and it will still appear as a fastball. As to the 4 seam…relax, let your mechanics and body throw the pitch, trying to aim it will just lead to frustration.

Decisions, decisions.
I was a snake-jazz pitcher long ago. I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, so I had to go to the breaking stuff right away, starting with the curve ball which came attached to my natural sidearm delivery. I picked up a few other pitches—the palm ball, the knuckle-curve and a bit later on—THE SLIDER, which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in a W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what it was—my strikeout pitch. I had advice and instruction from one of the Yankee pitchers in the early-to-mid-50s—what an incredible pitching coach he was!—and one of the things he told me was that just about any pitch I had could be turned into a nice changeup. I won a lot of games that way.
As far as people telling you not to throw the fast ball one way or the other, my advice is “don’t listen to them”. They are actually two different pitches. The two-seam fast ball is also known in some quarters as a sinker, and I’ve seen it thrown in major league games, and it is one of the deadliest pitches in existence. The four-seamer—well, watch Mariano Rivera, who will throw that one sometimes, and because it tends to go up in the strike zone you’ll find the batters hitting under that one and popping it up. So, you do whatever is comfortable for you and gets you better control. :idea: 8)

I use a two seam as my main fastball (main pitch in general) mostly because I’m just more comfortable with it. The movement is a bonus, but I think throwing a few two seams to a batter just increases the effectiveness of a four seam if done right. You could strike a guy out with a straight pitch if it’s a little quicker than what he’s expecting and it doesn’t sink.