Do I need a TJ?

Am 13 and play second. I used to pitch when i was 12 and 11, I played fine. I was throwing alot for a day and was throwing hard like 20 pitches. At the end I touched my ucl and little pain. I iced it and took a 3 day break. After the 3 days no pain. I wanted to throw a little and felt pop, no pain, i felt like i could throw all day. But I knew I wanted to let it rest so I did. No numbness or nerve problems. And no pain in elbow. Just a little weak sometimes. How long should I rest? And should I go to a doctor? Also, I dont pitch and never liked it anymore. I love baseball and plan to be a great player.I feel like am fine but still a little worried. When I was throwing I was throwing fine and didt feel a difference. Any comments?:hugs:

You are probably fine. You almost definitely don’t need TJ (knock on wood). If you are completely painless throwing now you are most likely fine. Take this offseason to rest your arm so everything heals up.