Do I Have Enough Time?

I am a Freshmen in highschool trying to relearn how to pitch…I’m doing everything I can to try to pitch by next season. I have 2 questions that have been on my mind for a couple weeks and I have been getting various answers.

-Do I have enough time to relearn how to pitch before applying to college?
I throw a 2 seam fastball (in the mid 60’s), a 4 seamer (in the high 50’s to low 60’s) , and a 3 finger changeup (low 50’s)

-Out of curiousity was exactly is TUFF CUFF, like what will it help me do, does it help with mechanics, increasing velocity, increasing overall body strengh?

Hey, anything is possible but it takes loads of effort and work…all you can do is suceed!

I agree - it’s def possible, but it’s going to require a commitment like no other. Sounds like you’ve got a great head on your shoulders and I absolutely would go for it. Find a way to improve a little every day, every week, every month, every year, and you’ll be on your way :slight_smile: