Do I have a chance?


Im 14. Freshmen.
I am 5’8 124 pounds.
I am a fairly new pitcher.
My speed is 65 w fastball.
I know NO other pitches.
I play mostly rec league.

What can I do to achieve my full potential and be a successful pitcher in hopes of a college scholarship? What books, drills, articles, grit, do I need to read to know what to do? My mom hates when I pitch, gets nervous. I want a private coach but I don’t know what she says. I ump little league games and stuff. What can I do to get a scholarship.


The first thing to understand is that there is much more academic scholarship money available than there is athletic scholarship money. So study hard and get good grades in high school!


4.0 GPA Back to baseball… whats your take on it?


A 65 mph fastball definitely isn’t bad, but you’ll need a repotoire and play more competitive than red to even get noticed without going to showcases which by the sound your mom won’t agree too. You’ll definitely need to hit the weight room, keep working and learn an off speed and breaking ball at your age. Most importantly, keep your grades up, my coach always says a flakey student is a flakey player.


Alright man. My squat is really good for my weight but my bench and clean need improvement. I’ve tried out for two travel teams and Tried out for pitcher and center field. Made both for center field and one for relief pitcher.


Learn a change up. Every pitcher should have a change up in their arsenal.


Keep in mind there are not an unlimited number of D1 scholarships floating around. It is very competitive. Not saying to give up just want you to know how much work is ahead of you.

First off 90% of your time working on baseball should be working out and practice. Only 10% of your baseball time should actually be playing in games. The time you spend improving yourself when not playing in a game is what will make you get noticed. Practicing a couple hours a week then playing in a couple games wont cut it…

Aside from pitching during the week you should work on excercises that strengthen your core first and foremost. Lots of resources on youtube. Then work on strenghtening every thing else. Again you can search youtube for pitcher specific strengthning excersises.

For pitching you should really work your mom over until she agrees to a pitching coach. It can be expensive. But some coaches offer to work with a couple of kids in a session which saves money. You may learn to increase your velocity on your own but you may end up using your arm more than your legs for example and could damage your throwing arm. Even if you can only get two sessions a month that will help a lot.

Getiing on a college team also will take a lot of work. Playing on a rec team wont cut it. Check around your area for travel teams that have plans to get exposure where they go to play in tourneys where college coaches are invited to scout. That can be expensive as well so at a minimum work your butt off over the summer and get on your high school team.