DIY pitching pad?

OK, I really like the looks of this one:
but $200 seems a bit steep. Has anyone made a throwing target from sheet vinyl or a 4x6 carpet or ?? Seems like an easy project but I haven’t figured out a way to do this that will withstand my 100+ MPH change up :lol:


I like this better…

You can go with the select model for $99.95 - I like it because it makes the same sound of hitting a leather catching mitt, it separates the target areas better, and it dimples when you hit it so you can tell where the ball struck. Great product - my son loves it.

Wow, that one looks pretty cool and I like the idea of giving the pitcher feedback with a “mitt” sound. Problem is, we would need the pro model and that is even more $$ than the other one. I’d also be worried about it getting wet since it is leather.

Now that I think about it, has anyone ever seen one of these types of pitching pads in a bullpen or practice cage before? Seems like a great way to do a session without a catcher but I’m kinda wondering if these are really used at higher levels…

I use the leather pitching target (the more expensive “pro” model) in all of my pitching lessons. It has proven to be very durable. I think it is a great product.

I’ve seen similar products used in a couple different baseball facilities, most instructors love them if they don’t have a catcher for a session.

If you hadn’t already bought one this one is great.

I’m not 100% sure if the hyperlink will work but a good ol’ fashion copy and paste will work :lol:

I looked at the ATEC and it seems good for @ $60. They have these at batting cages and other places that get a lot of use so they are probably very sturdy.

I ended up going with the “Travel Pad” since I like the layout and portability and also because I needed some other stuff and Oates Specialties had them in stock.

Thanks for all the suggestions.