Is it possible to calculate the distance between foul poles by knowing left and right field fence distance? I Like to throw foul poles because 1. the balls dont get lost and 2. you can just jog back and forth. It would be nice to know the distance because throwing on a football field without a partner is just horrible.

Pythagorean Theorem should work. A-squared + B-squard = C-squared.

Make a triange out of the baseball field. Sides A and B being the distances down the line. C will end up being the distance between the foul poles, but it will be a direct shot obviously, not the distance including the bend of the outfield fence. Think of it being like a chord of a circle, where C is the chord - a line inside of a circle (the outfield fence) touching two points (the foul poles). The most famous of chords being a diameter, of course.

Not trying to be degrading, but do you get it?

Say the fences are 330 ft. down each line.

330-squared + 330-squared = C-squared
108,900 ft. + 108,900 ft. = C-squared
217,800 = C-squared
~467 ft. = C, or the direct distance between foul poles.

Now, just plug in the left field foul pole distance from home plate as A and the right field foul pole distance as B, or the other way around, doesn’t matter!

Thank you sir I suppose not taking a math class since freshman year has taken its toll.

My first semester math class was four days a week so this stuff was jammed into my head non-stop!

everything in the world leads to math… haha