Diseases That Could Affect My Pitching

Well a while ago I was diagnosed with both Severs disease and Osgood-Schlater disease. If you don’t know what it is I’m sure you could look it up. Anyway I was just wondering, would they have affected my pitching. Have I been pitching not 100%?

Tons of adolescent males have Osgood-Schlater. A lot depends on the severity. Mine would flare up after basketball so that I couldn’t even walk practically, but absolutely no problems during baseball.

A friend of mine couldn’t even wear metal spikes cause just the nature of the shoe would make his osgood-schlater unbearable. If yours is like that then yes it could affect your pitching.
If it is more similar to my case I don’t think it is affecting you.

Yeah when I play basketball it hurts waaaaayyy more than baseball. It’s not during games, but there are time periods where it just hurts.