Disadvantage from Pitching in the Strech?

Recently I’ve discovered that I feel more comfotable pitching in the strech…I was wondering what the disadvantages are (Besides not having as much momentem) and is there a way to get comfortable pitching in the full?

When I pitch in the Strech I:
-Feel more comfortable
-Have more movement on my pitches
-Throw more groundouts than strikeouts

From the Full I:
-Am not comfortable
-throw a little faster, but not a lot faster
-throw about 2 more SO per game than if I pitched a full game in the strech
-tend to walk more batters

Is there a reason I’m not feeling comfortable…my I talked to my pitching coach and he said it isn’t my mecahnics…and he can’t see me in person agian until September (he is a coach for the TX Rangers during the 2nd half.

You look at the MLB level and there are many many relievers who are strictly stretch pitchers. If it’s what your comfortable with then stick with it! Don’t give up on full wind up though. Practice it a little. But I recommend driving with your most comfortable situation. Good luck!!!

I dont pitch from the windup…there is really no advantage that i have found. In fact, I pitch exclusively from a slide step but there are pros and cons to that, namely you have a fast time to the plate and better consistency but limited pickoff moves.

Use what’s best for you.

I agree, you should go with what’s comfortable and what works for you. A lot of pitchers throw exclusively from the stretch, others will pitch from the full windup at times and from the stretch at others, so there’s really no hard and fast rule regarding this (except you have to come to a full stop of one second when you’re pitching with a runner on base). 8)

Do what works for you, there is no disadvantage to stretch, same velocity and same control should be there. I like using the windup to give a different look to the hitters, I am more comfortable in the windup but that’s me.

I was both thtough college, but went entirely out of the stretch in pro ball. Its good to develop.both, but more and more pitchers are going only from the stretch and having good results. My speed and effectiveness was better out of the stretch. Do it if its working! :slight_smile: