Dips? I was just wondering if it would be safe to incorporate dips into my strength training? I’ve done quite a bit research on them, but I won’t be throwing till maybe mid- to the end of december. So would doing them increase my risk for injury when I begin to start throwing. I have never had any arm problems, and I would like to continue throwing injury free. So, I guess my question is; would it be safe to add 3 sets of 10-15 dips as part of my strength training routine? Will the pressure that is put on my elbow inhibit my ability to continue throwing injury free? Note, I have also never iced in my life due to the fact that my recovery time after pitching has always been very quick, and my arm has always felt pretty good the day after pitching. When I start pitching next month, I won’t be throwing my curveball, I’ll be starting a weighted ball routine, the one that the University of Hawaii did an experiment on ( 6oz-5oz-4oz one). I’m going to try it out to see if weighted balls really do work.

The issue with dips is the shoulder, not the elbow. I like dips for a lot of reason but there are some problems with dips too. The main problem I have with dips is I don’t like how your shoulders are elevated. Many people’s shoulders are already forward and elevated slightly. I try to get them to naturally be more down and back. You might also have to be careful with how far you go down on your dips because it puts a lot of stress on your shoulders.

Many people do dips and have absolutely no problem. I even know one very well known strength coach that attributed doing dips to helping him come back from a shoulder injury. They are a very good tricep exercise.

If you do dips, I would suggest you really go all the way up. Don’t just stop when your elbows are straight. Push your shoulders down completely when you reach the top. If you start having pain, just eliminate them.

How is that for a vague answer. I’ve heard very well known strength coaches with different opinions on them. I’ll just try to tell you both sides and let you make the decision.

thanks for the info Mike, i’ll try them out.

That’s right, I don’t know why I was thinking elbow, hmm. But anyways, i’ll see how it goes. I’ve tried them out before, and i’ve never had any problems with my shoulders, but then I read up on them and stopped doing them. I do a lot of chinups in my workouts, and exercises that work my tricep and back, so maybe that will help with my ability to do dips pain free. When I used to do them, i would go down till my elbows reached a 90 degree angle, then i would go all the way up. They’re tiring, but i’ll see if they help and if i begin to notice pain, i’ll stop doing them.

Thanks for your help. Would you recommend 3 sets of 10-15.

I would recommend the same sets and reps for dips as all your other lifts. If its too easy, they make belts with chains to hold weights to increase the difficulty.