Dipping your shoulders?

I’ve read some pages that say that your shoulders shouldnt be level when pitching and some that have said they should be level with the ground, what do you guys think :?:

Let’s see… You’re standing on a raised mound throwing down to a target. Is there anything meaningful about aligning the shoulders with level ground? I don’t think so. If anything, your shoulders should be aligned downhill since that’s where you’re throwing. On the other hand, there are lots of pitchers who don’t do this either. Andy Pettite, for example, aligns his shoulders uphill. Now although he’s managed to get good at pitching that way, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Since you need to get your hips going down the hill to build up momentum and get into footstrike quickly, it makes the most sense to me to align yourself in that direction.


Pitchers have to tip their shoulders in order to throw overhand. Look at pictures of Randy Johnson, who throws almost true sidearm, and note that his shoulders are almost level and parallel to the ground when he lets go of the ball.

To see this best look for pictures that are very close to ball release. Before release most guys keep the shoulders quite level. At release some tip their shoulders almost 45 degrees. The more severe the tilt the more vertical the arm.

What do you suppose happens to the lower back when you tip hard to the side? If you examine the disabled list many of the guys who throw close to ‘overhand’ have had back injuries.


It depends what you are talking about.

I think in general it’s best to not drop the front or back shoulder during the stride (even though guys like Pettitte do it). I believe that this can cause missing high or low of the target.

However, I do think it makes sense to tilt the shoulders as you release the ball so as to raise the release point.

i think that your shoulders should be straight, align your shoulder blades to be smooth and straight, not corved as this will lead to control problems.