Dipping my Shoulder (Hitting)

It seems that everytime I swing, I dip my back shoulder. Everyone can see it, but I don’t know how to fix it! Any ideas or devices that can help me not dip my back shoulder?

Lots of tee work my friend.

Also a drill that helps show the dipping flaw quickly would be to set to tee’s up so that you must swing over the first ball (not hitting it) To hit the second ball that is a bit higher (The ball you intended to hit).

Now make sure there is still some spread between the balls.

I think you need some natural lift in the swing. 85% of ground balls are outs, don’t swing down on the ball either. Nice moderate lift, lefty hitters do this extremely well naturally and this is why lefties will often do so well in home run derbies. A righty generally has a more flat swing. (thus having to adjust for the homerun contest).

The following website has some nice material on hitting:

There are all kinds of drills you can use and you’ll find alot of them here. #1… practice alot of correct swings and #2 …have someone monitor your swings so that you don’t reinforce bad habits. You’ve probably reinforced the shoulder dip so much it’s been hard to break. If you don’t have a partner you can practice in front of a mirror. Lots of good quality swings. Visualize hitting the ball to all fields on a line drive. I used to close my eyes while in the on deck circle and visualize a line drive single to both gaps and up the middle. Seems to me the major disadvantage to dipping the shoulder is the fact that it makes hitting a high fastball almost impossible. A smart pitcher will get you on a four seam rising fastball.

Good luck.

Lead the bat to the ball with the knob pointed toward the ground. In college we used to paint the bottom of the knob bright red, and everytime anyone saw red during BP, the batter had to run an extra lap after practice.

Of course, you should level out your swing when the bat meets the ball, but from your launch point to the ball, the bottom of the knob shouldn’t be seen by the pitcher.

I would not recommend doing this on some of the smaller, more packed in field, if ya know what I mean.

But seriously, visualization is usually a great tool.

Gotta be careful but plenty of time between pitches especially if someone like Kevin Millwood is pitching.