Dipping , chew, spit , wading... dont start!

wasapp… this is something less talked about, but becoming big amung high schools… smokeless tabacco! … im happy to say i have been off it for 4 months now. i just decided to bring this up because at my teams practice today alot of freshmen see some of us seniors using dip or chew and want to try it… seriously… its bad… dont get started… def. dont start if you dont smoke either. its the same thing as smoking prob even worse. its nasty and will mess you up and you will get hooked… trust me… i prob used a tin a day with our 4 hr practices…

bad breath, teeth start to rot, gum lip and tounge cancer is increased, dizzyness, ulsers, loss of appeitite, black hairy tounge, muscle weakness, dizziness, heart attacks, high blood pressure…

just dont start… or… just stop

What’s dip? A word for weed?

no … chewing tabacco…

None of our varsity uses it. But we see empty dip tins laying around every now and then. We actually think it was our old freshman coaches.

No one on JV or varsity dips at my school.

my friend dips in school… like durin class he does it

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My first high school had probably 7 of 34 guys dipping. And all the coaches.
It was a private school too, lol. (probably has something to do with being in KY)

My current has zero tobacco, in fact it’s illegal to possess any on school grounds, an umpire actually ejected an opposing coach for dipping (it’s a provision in the rules).
The general school population still dips.

It’s all pretty nasty, I know guys that got addicted in 9th and 10th grade. They waste all their money buying the garbage and are left future dental problem. I know one kid that was cracked down on it from his parents because “they paid to much for braces for him to mess his teeth up” not that the cancer or everything else is a reason to not do it…

Not even close to worth it.

I do notice the higher I get in baseball ranks the more prevalent it is. I’ve had some coaches try to avoid dipping and compensate with massive amounts of sunflower seeds. That’s cool with me cause they usually have a 5lb bag of seeds they don’t mind sharing :-).

yeah i use to do it alot to calm down when i pitched… but i had to wait until college season was over b4 i quit because just like stopping any kind of drug you have withdrawals that can mess you up… now im sorta addicted to NASIDs … ( not good… ) its a painkiller…

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Take it from someone who’s been there … if you dont chew , dont start . If you chew , quit today … try seeds , gum, whatever … but this is a habit to avoid at all costs. AND - if your school or summer coach chews , alert your parents so they can go thru the appropriate channels to have them stop that behavior when around the team . Seriously …

Dipping snuff or chewing tobacco, is a dangerous habit to start, nicotine is the most addictive drug there is when put directly into the blood stream, and that is what you are doing when you put a pinch between the cheak and gum. When I started dipping snuff, a can cost .35 cents, we would collect coke bottles to buy some. I have tryed to quit several times but never could get it done, until I was diagnost with cancer last week, now I don’t seem to have a problem quiting. I always thought it could’nt happen to me I mean I was in the Marine’s i’m big and strong and I have a 12 year old son and a 2 year old son and i’ve only been dipping for 25 years so how could I get cancer? By exsposing my self to an even greater risk and by saying OH it aint going to happen to me. Now my family is having to suffer instead of just me. When your young you don’t think your future family or of the hardships you might create becouse you want to look cool, or be accepted into the croud so please don’t start. I am going to be ok the cure rate for my CANCER is 90% lucky me right. I THANK GOD FOR A SECOND CHANCE TO BE A HUSBAND AND MY DAD TO MY BOY’S. So Don’t start dipping!!!

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Well, I wouldn’t quite agree with that, if they do it thats their choice. My school has a $hitload of drugs (Its what happens when you have a big town with nothing to do), and on my varsity baseball team, eh, 9/15 kids do drugs. I seriously think that if you can stay away, you shouldn’t worry about others, because its there problem and their fault if anything happens.

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I’m not sure if you saw, but he was talking about coaches, which I think if they are doing it, it should be put to an end.

No yes, I understand, and if the coach is trying to get you to do it, then yea they should end it. But if I’m a 15 year old kid on a legion team, I think I’m old and mature enough to stay away from it if its not being offered to me. If he does it, but isn’t trying to get kids to do it, hes an adult and I think he has every right to chew. My 2 cents tho, idk, growing up in a drug infested school like I have may have warped my oppinion a bit.