Does anyone dip and if so what is your favorite tobbaco brand and flavor? Almost everyone on my team does it and I got into it a little… spearmint is my favorite flavor and I only have had skoal… It’s not that bad if you only do it every once in a while but if you get hooked its really bad!
If you have never dipped before, DO NOT get into it! It is stupid and I know many people hooked on it and it is very nasty you will probably throw up the first time you try it.

Do seeds, gives you everything you need without the bad! Oh yea once you get started you are hooked…I’m talking about seeds…

Are you sure? I don’t think anyone in the world can say whether a dip here or there is “not that bad” or say anything conclusive about it. I agree it is a bad habit, my whole team does it and I have to admit peach smells pretty damn good lol but I still have never tried it in 20 years and probably never will…Up north they’re starting to ban flavours because it’s apparently too appealing to youngsters, go figure.

Btw anyone throw in an upper deck? :lol:

100 years of Philip Morris has created that attitude but it’s your body.

I don’t know how I missed out on that addiction but I think it was my grandfather’s lung cancer from smoking unfiltered Camels. Or was it my father’s heart disease from smoking unfiltered Kools. Or maybe my uncle’s early demise from smoking unfiltered Lucky Strikes. Or my neighbors throat cancer from chewing and swallowing Mail Pouch. Or all my working buddies that dipped Copenhagen, snus, skoal, kodiak, grizzly…and all wished they’d never started…well at least it looks cool. Don’t get me wrong…I make up for it with other unhealthy pasttimes. You just choose your poison I guess. :evil:

Dino I guess we are on the same track, my dad had throat cancer and eventually leukemia that was 30 years ago but he was a 3 pack a day smoker so I really try to make sure my kids don’t pick up such a thing. You may have seen my son’s post’s on here, he’s 13 and I have another non pitcher that’s 15 I was really happy to see the post he left earlier about doing seeds only, I thought it was cool.