After a logn absence from baseball i recently just got back into it. i have always wanted to pitch in a game or atleast be a part of the pitching staff, maybe come out and throw some relief. i think that i have decent speed, maybe a lack of control but i was wondering if it would be pointless to try and be a pitcher. I think that i would be one of the top 3 or 4 guys on my team in terms of speed(top 2 are likely going to be drafted). and if i were to pitch what would be the best pitches for me to throw. Note that i predominatly pitch over the top.

Just from playing catch i learned how to throw:
3 finger change-up
cutter?little scary but is coming around
12-6?also little scary

you should definately begin by makign sure you have good command on your fastball, and all your pitches for that matter. But that being siad i would say you should throw a fastball( 4 or 2 seam, or both) , a changeup, and a curveball. Learnign teh cutter is also a good idea, i learned to throw a cutter and its a great pitch.

before you start with all those pitches you should get your location on your fastball thats the most important thing, then you should master your breaking and offspeed pitches

any tips/pointers on how to improve command of my pitches.

honestly it will feel weird and people say it won’t work but growing up i would go out and get a baseball a little wet not flood it but just a little and throw it at a wooden fence and try to hit certain marks to get better.just an idea.

sounds like that idea would work but i also might hurt my arm.
thanks for the suggestion.

it won’t.just as long as it don’t put dents in ur fence.lol.