I was wondering if any college coaches or players know the talent level at Division 3 baseball? Ex: How hard most pitchers throw

It all depends.
My school has a very good program, but

starters avg fb velocity:
Me - 85
Dave - 82
Rick - 79

our relievers throw about 78 to 83 and our closers hit 82 consistently.

But control is still very important.

Most starters ether have 3 good pitches or throw 85+ consistantly.

From my experience an average pitcher in DIII hits 82 + consistency.
Also along with a fb you would need a good 2nd pitch, curve, change or slider.

The hardest throwing pitcher I saw last year was hitting 88-89 consistently.
I probably throw the hardest on my team, but our other two pitchers have greater control than me.

If you’re hitting low 80’s consistently you will be fine.

Control is also more important than speed.

But the talent level on defense is still very high.

The overall talent is still very high, you can’t have so-so stuff and succeed in DIII.

For me there was a large jump from high school to college. I went to a good HS for baseball to.

Obviously the talent level depends on the school you are going to.

Would colleges prefer a guy to have a good change up or good curve/slider?

it doesn’t really matter. You do need a good second pitch. I came in with a good fb and change up. Your coaches will develop a good third pitch with you.

The most important thing with DIII is that the grades to get in the school

I’m from Whitewater and I know that if you don’t throw mid to upper 80’s, you have no chance making the team.

So what your saying is that if Jamie Moyer was in college even DIII wouldn’t want him. I don’t throw hard but I work my tail off and am a pitcher not a thrower. Jamie Moyer survived why can’t I. Don’t say that unless you have so called velocity you can’t make it. I saw a guy from Miami in the college world seris who throw 81 mph. I don’t care what I have to do I will make it no matter if If I throw 78 or 98. I will F***cking make it.

Once again i will say it all depends. I throw 85 and I dont’ have a lot of movement.

But our other starter throws 79 and his stuff is insanely hard to hit.

It’s good that you work hard, Coaches love that.

You can go as far as your desire and courage and willingness to sacrifice will take you…never give up on your dreams.

But our other starter throws 79 and his stuff is insanely hard to hit. quote]

What do you mean insanely hard to hit. Like he has lots of movement, or he has great control and hits spots well, or he changes speeds well and guys can’t time him

The coach is one of those guys who doesn’t care if you can flat out get guys out, he doesn’t want pitchers who throw less than 85. That formula seems to work well for him.

All of the above. He has a lot of movement, great control, and changes speed on his fb very well

An update on velocity. All the returning pitchers from last year, got guned.

So updated speeds:

All our starters hit 84 - 85 consistently, our other two guys like their 2 seams better than their 4 seams. so they tend to have a lower velocity, at game time.

Our relievers hit 80 - 87

and our closer hits 88 consistently.

All speeds were taken using 4 seam fb’s.