DII or DIII possible?

Hopeful DII or DIII pitcher entering senior year. Top speed 82 mph. three pitch mix of fastball curveball changeup. 5’10 about 160 lbs. thoughts?

Where are you from? Are you hoping to play in-state? Personally, with velocity at 82 I feel both DII and DIII are possible. Aim to throw 82 consistently.

Connecticut. Hoping to play either in New England or possibly in Florida.

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Yes that’s possible at DIII. I played DIII and 82 was probably the mid-to-low end of the guys who got significant mound time, especially if you don’t sit 82 consistently.

I was our sidearm closer/reliever and sat 82-84 if that’s any reference point. Our #1 sat high 80s, and our #2 consistently threw 84-86 with a hammer and a cutter.

Velocity isn’t everything at the DII and DIII level (hell every level), and mound presence, maturity, competitiveness, etc. plays a huge factor in who sits the bench vs. who pitches.

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