DII Ball

While it is too early to know for sure, as of now I am pretty set on going to Adelphi University for their clinical psychlogy program (not just for athletics is my point here). For baseball, they have a D2 team and are located in New York.

Can anyone give me a basic (considering i know how some people are late bloomers and such) idea of what my sophomore, junior, and senior spring season should look like? Velocity, ERA (DI HS) ect…

I’m a sinker baller, who can also make the ball cut and run, throw a breaking ball and changeup with the same rotation as my sinker. I said “breaking ball” because depending how far up on the seam I hold it, the ball will break more like a slider and if I hold it fairly far down its more of a classic curveball - both come from the same arm/wrist action.