Difficult to walk on to NAIA, D-III, D-II?

I’m 21 and have been going to a community college the last 3 semesters which has no sports teams, but i will be transferring soon, probably after next semester depending on when i finish all my credits for an associates degree

I played baseball in high school but i hurt my shoulder. rehabbed so i’m all better now…still building up my arm strength with some throwing drills but as far as the injury, it’s all gone…it was nothing incredibly serious to begin with

I’m not gonna try a D-1, I’d be satisfied playing anywhere then hopefully i can put up good numbers and transfer

i’m 6’1 and about 200lbs right now, i wanna get up to 215 or 220 by the time i’m trying out

i have a few questions tho

assuming i’m say 22 when i make the team, and i’ve gone to school for 2 years at a community college…

also i’ve never contacted a college coach

the thing is, i don’t wanna go to the boonies for college unless i’m playing baseball atleast and hopefully football as well…Do you have to be enrolled to “tryout” or can you tryout for a coach and get word on whether you can make the team or not prior to enrolling in a school

i’m sure theres gotta be some legalities behind that

I’m hoping to play BOTH baseball and football somewhere too, but if i had to choose it would be baseball…would I have a better chance making the teams if i was playing two sports?

would i still be considered a 1st year “freshman” in the athletics department, in other words would i have 4 years of eligibility still?

Assuming you never have played college baseball Im assuming you would be a freshman. Im not really quite sure on that. I know for a fact though you have to be enrolled in school in order to tryout. In D1 its a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Wherever you are thinking of trasnferring to, I would contact the coach and see what kind of openings he is going to have next yr. It will do you no good to go to a school and find out that you might make the team but be the 5th LF.

I know a lot of teams take walk-on guys. We took a guy who played 2yrs of JUCO ball and then skipped a yr and then walked on here, and fortunatly for us he can hit the crap out of the ball :o. We also took a freshman pitcher that “fell through the cracks” he has a nasty nasty nasty kuckleball :stuck_out_tongue:

I would contact the coach first and see what is going on. I know DIII they dont have athletic scholarships, so its like everyone is walking on. they do do some recruitment, but I think it might be your best bet. NAIA, DII, and D1 have scholarships to give.

But honestly I would check the coach. 6’1 200-215 is a good size, especially if you can swing the club.

Hope I helped a little.

Please post anymore questions you have and I will do my best to answer them

I would contact the coach first and see what is going on. I know DIII they dont have athletic scholarships, so its like everyone is walking on. [/quote]

I heard even those they cannot give athletic scholarships they do have large funds for academic scholarships? I posted a similar post on another forum and someone had said that

I had a 3.50 gpa average in high school, and in college so far altho my grades have been slowly declining since my first semester, they are still good

but about enrolling first, do you think it’s common to get a verbal agreement before you actually enroll? Maybe i drive up to the school on a weekend, take a little batting practice, run the 60, and field some ground balls…it’ll take all of 30 minutes and it’s basically a tryout

if say some DII school way in the middle of nowhere has a few open spots, and i enroll in the school but don’t make the team…I will not wanna attend that school you know what i mean? The purpose would be to play sports as I could go to a better academic school closer to home if i wasn’t gonna play…so that’s why i’m hoping I can workout some prior agreement before i enroll

Yeah I understand. Well I dont know if they can watch you “tryout” you may just have to practice at a field with someone and they “happen to come by” sort of thing.

well i left out a past experience…

soon after i was out of high school, i was probably still 18, maybe 19 i called up the coach at surry community college and actually went up to that college and he met me on a weekend, one other kid from virginia showed up and the coach hit us groundballs, the other kid and I threw to each other in the batting cage and then we ran the 60…

he told me i was a solid hitter but needed to add speed and size…I was probably 170 then, now few years later around 200 and hoping to add 15 more atleast…speed has improved

surry is JUCO, they’ve been competitive in the njcaa rankings (i’m not positive on all these various rankings for the countless college programs) i haven’t called that coach since

As a Division III coach, many opportunities for financial aid still arise, even though they are not directly tied to athletic scholarships. Since you have been in junior college for two years already and you would enter this coming school year as probably an academic junior, then you would enter as a sophomore eligibility wise. Anyway, you do seem to have a great frame and I am sure you will be able to find a place to play. D-III provides a great opportunity for you to get some valuable experience and then possibly transfer elsewhere, without having to lose another year of eligibility. Any further questions, feel free to ask.

how exactly would i go about finding the athletic eligibility i have left, is their a specific department I should try and contact? I’m assuming my school would not know since they don’t have athletic departments they wouldn’t have any athletic “advisors” so to speak

Once you applied to new school, the admissions department would work with the athletic department at the new school to help determine your eligibility. If you have completed two years of school and are transferring after two years of completed school, you will be considered a sophomore eligibility-wise because the NCAA gives you 10 semesters to complete 4 years of athletic play. Therefore, since you are completing your second year of school and will transfer in your third year, you should be declared a sophomore from an athletic standpoint.

You can always contact a coach and ask them about taking a look at you. I got a scholarship for a NAIA team and they contacted me when I was a senior in HS and showed interested and wanted me to come work out for them. Obviously, I was not enrolled in the school while I was still a senior in HS so I dont really think the trying out thing would be a big deal if they took the time to watch you. Maybe NCAA rules are different, but they definitely let me work out for them when they were deciding if they wanted to offer me a scholarship or not. I hope this helps.