Differnet arm angles?

I don’t know if this ever happens to you but when i come in for relief I noticed my arm angle has dropped alot as opposed to starting. When i start a game my arm angle is a low-overhand style but when i come in for relief my arm angle is a sidearm style. has this ever happened to you guys and if so how do you fix it?

I wouldn’t worry about it.
Orlando (“El Duque”) Hernandez would use several different arm angles in the course of a game. My guess is he felt that one or another would be more effective against certain hitters. When he was with the Yankees I saw him in action in the World Series, and you never knew whether he would throw overhand, three-quarters, low three-quarters, sidearm or standing on his head. And he was getting the batters out! Maybe you’re doing something of the same thing, and if you’re comfortable with this and your arm isn’t giving you any talkback you’d do well to stay with this.
You say that when you’re starting you throw from a higher arm angle—but are you really? Watch yourself the next time you’re pitching in that capacity and see how many times you change your arm angle. And have fun with it—it gives you twice or three times as many pitches as you would have if you were sticking to one arm slot. Nothing discombooberates hitters more than not knowing whether you’re going to come in there with a curve ball at a 3/4 angle or sidearm, and they can’t set themselves for it. Just be sure to keep the ball down, be aware of their weak spots and pitch accordingly. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do you go from the stretch when you relieve? You could be dropping because your in the stretch and you do it when you start but don’t realize it.