Different windups


is using different windups for the 14 different pitches I throw to hit the strike zone, is this a good habit to keep up?


Strong chance you’re tipping off the other side.


when i’m trying to hit the strike zone and miss I change my windup until I hit the strike zone is that bad? I happen to be the only right handed pitcher that I know of to throw a screwball so, i use Pedro Martinez’s windup and 90% of the time i wound up hitting the right corners of the strike zone


Why do you TRY to throw 14 different pitches? :astonished:


im able to throw 14, the screwball is my best breaking ball which is strange for a RHP


A wise man once told me when you run out of fingers & have to use toes to call your pitches you have too many pitches.


i enjoy making batters really guess or catch them off guard , so i throw 14 different pitches so the batter has no clue of what is going to be thrown at him a always thought that was a good thing


but I’m pretty good at all these 14 different pitches sure i have a few pitches that i don’t use often like the knuckleball for example


so what pitches should i stop throwing


i throw 5 different fastballs, 5 different breaking balls, a knuckle ball, and 3 different change ups


What’s your age?




Nothing wrong with throwing 4 & 2 seam fastball. Beyond that I’d stick to a changeup & breaking pitch. If you can truly throw a screwball I’d consider using it as a change. Don’t see any way a pitcher can throw 14 different pitches effectively. Need to throw all with SAME wind-up/mechanics.


That emoji sums up my face when I saw that.


I’d find one and keep it. There are not any professional pitchers who do this, and they have a good reason not to. When you change your wind up you change the beginning of your delivery, which you don’t want to be doing. Keep one and get good at it.


i have a different windup for the 14 pitches i throw


im not a big fan of a 2 seamer


What are those specific 14 pitches

  1. 4 seam fastball
  2. 2 seam fastball
  3. cutter
  4. splitter
  5. sinker
  6. curveball
  7. screwball
  8. slider
  9. slurve
  10. knuckle curve
  11. knuckle ball
    13)circle changeup
    14)change up


there are the 14 pitches i throw and have worked very hard on.