Different training months

Well to start off, i just resigned into my account while being inactive for over a year i think. In that time i switched to bodybuilding.com forums and to be honest it has helped me out alot.

My stats on August 15,2010

5’10 160lbs and about 10 percent body fat
Squat: 130lbs
Deadlift: 170lbs
Bench press: 130lbs

Current stats to the day…

5’10 190lbs 14 percent body fat.
Squat: 250lbs
Deadlift: 280lbs
Bench press: 240lbs

Sorry but just thought i would post that before my question

Q: I have been strength training heavy for 5 months, and i will continue to do so until the start of april. At the start of April i want to turn my strenght into power, by gaining alot of speed.

So basically i am asking for a speed/plyometric program that will help me get ready for my season(which is in may)

could i have a routine that would help me maintain my strength, but also gain alot of speed, to help with my pitching explosiveness


Can you give us an idea of what your current strength program looks like? The better idea we have of what you are doing now, the easier it will be to progress the current movements you are doing into what you are looking for.

Good luck!