Different pitching styles

I really wish I could do that(it was on a show not during an actual game)

Never saw anyone try that

Just thought I would share some interesting pitching styles

What are some other pitching styles/tricks you’ve seen?

OH! That is AWESOME! Thanks for the link. It’s crazy.

This is a change up curveball. Notice how much effort is going into the arm speed, but he is releasing it waaaaaay early, counting on the enormous spin to bring the ball down. This is proabably best left to a breaking ball specialist with an already excellent curveball.


That first video, by the way, was removed due to terms-of-use violation.
That description sounds like what might be called a slow curve. And you’re right, Ian; this is really more the provenance of a pitcher with an excellent curve ball, or at least a very good one.
When Jim Turner was the pitching coach for the Cincinnati Reds he got it into his head that everybody should learn the slow curve. He wanted everyone to practice it all the time—even when they were getting shellacked! :lol:

gaylord perry used to throw what he would call the puff ball, he would take the rosen bag and put a huge amount in his palm then throw the ball home, there would be a big puff coming out his hand, he did it for a while but the umpire got tired of it and made a rule for it.

kent tekulve had an unortodox delivery where he would throw submarine but really wouldnt bend his back all that much unlike guys like joe smith or bradford or kim he would stay tall but dropped his arm real low, i dont know how good this technique was but he was pretty good.

burt hooton used to throw THE REAL knuckle curve he would grip the ball like a knuckleball but with his knuckles on the ball and flick really hard at release, i assume this is a very underrated pitch that could break both direction by applying more pressure on one or the other finger but you would need pretty big hands.

satchel paige used to throw the esitation pitch where he would go into his wind up like normal, when his front foot landed he would stop there for a split second then throw all arm to the plate, he had a very strong arm and so the pitch still was coming pretty hard but that esitation was killing batters. this is illegal now.

on more up to date throwing weirdos, mark difelice is going out there throwing only 1 pitch, a cut fastball. now you might say theres nothing so incredible about it, but the guy barely breaks 82mph. he somehow manages to get away with it.