Different 4-Seam Fastball Grips?

I have seen two different 4-seam fastball grips.

Here’s one: http://www.sptimes.com/2005/05/17/images/fronts/fourseam.jpg

Here’s the other (the one I use): http://trs86.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/fourseam4.jpg

Are there any advantages between one or the other?

There is no technical difference between these two different ways of gripping a 4-seam FB.

If you feel luckier, or more comfortable, with the horseshoe up then grip your 4-seamer with the horseshoe up. If you prefer the horseshoe down, grip it that way.

Here’s why there is no difference: When you release a 4-seam FB with spin, the “horseshoe up” and “horseshoe down” seam orientations interchange with one another every 1/2-revolution of the ball.

absolutely no difference. Just throw what you prefer, I throw mine with the backwards C because it feels awkward the other way. I don’t even throw too many 4 seam fastballs though, mostly two seam

i was always taught to hold it with the C. (the second photo)

This grip and release is not recommended for pitchers under the age of 18.

Want to have some fun tossing BP?

take that first four seam grip that you show, and put your thumb where your two fingers are, then put your two fingers where your thumb WAS.

Now before you actually deliver, point your thumb up … like your pulling back the hammer on a revolver. With all your arm strength, deliver your pitch and push like the dickens with your thumb. It does take a bit getting use to … BUT, the ball comes in so pretty … do defenseless … " oh I gotta nail this one" look from the batter. Just as it reaches the end of the road, it DIES!!! Pitch this grip and release tageting right at the top of the catcher’s skull cap.

Just be careful not to toss this to a guy who has no sense of humor. Power hitters can swing like a gate and dump their butt on the dirt! Oh, and about that dumping the butt on the dirt thing … some big guys can think of you in those terms … so be careful.

Coach B.

Coach Baker, can you provide a picture of that hammer on a revolver pitch?
Thank you.

whatevers comfy!

Simply take your standard four seam baseball grip and turn it upside down.

The trick is, to have the shoulder, arm, wrist and finger strength to pull this off. Hence the notation above my post about not recommending this pitch to pitchers under 18.

Coach B.