Difference between curveball and slider

What do you differently when you throw these pitches? Do you snap differently?

Ask Zita!!! i don’t know much about the differences, but with a curveball, you rotate your wrist as you start to throw the ball to create the backspin which causes it to “curve”

The slider is actually more closely related to the fastball than to the curve. Yes, you do throw it differently—you use an offcenter grip with the index and middle fingers very close together and the middle finger just touching one seam, thumb underneath resting on a seam for balance and support, fourth and fifth fingers curled up together on one side of the ball—and you DON’T snap your wrist when you throw the slider. You just turn it over—think of a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe. Slight pronation. And it’s easier thrown sidearm. 8)

Well i knew you would appear on this forum 8)

the slider is indeed a hell of a lot easier from a sidearm slot. Zita did a good job of describing it. When I experimented and raised my arm slot even a few degrees to low 3/4 I lost a lot of the sharp break that I usually get on the pitch.

Note to trev24: It’s not surprising. The slider was indeed my best pitch, the one I could go to when I had to go for the strikeout. And here’s a funny story about that “Goddess of the Slider” bit: I got it pinned on me by another Yankee fan on their website. Some jerk was giving me a hard time, and this fan went after him and warned him “Never mess with the Goddess of the Slider!” I liked that, and so I use it as an identifying phrase. :slight_smile:

Just something that I’ve been seeing as I started developing my slider. MY curve is 12-6, a lot of break, slower by quite a bit than my fastball. My slider that I have been developing has a lot of movement away from a righty. Real sharp, a lot harder thrown, etc. I don’t snap my wrist for either of them, and I hold both differently so I can differentiate from them in the glove.

Yea, its a cool nickname, and their’s nothing wrong with a girl in baseball. Have you heard of that knuckleball pitcher who’s a teenage girl?

Eri Yoshida? Yes, I’ve heard of her. She’s pitching in an independent league in California. She’ll do fine when she gets more experience. And there are a couple of others—like Marti Sementelli who got a baseball scholarship to a college in North Carolina. It’s good to see that females are making inroads in baseball; I don’t know what’s taken them so long, but they’re doing it.
Ed Lopat once told me that it wouldn’t have mattered if I had been from another planet. He saw me as a good young pitcher who wanted to be more effective, and because I was interested, wanted to know and was willing to work at it, he took me in hand, worked with me and helped me all he could. He had no reservations about teaching me some very advanced stuff he helt I needed to know, and he helped me become a better pitcher than I had been. For this I will always remember him. :slight_smile:

What was your future in baseball? And did you hear of the story of that lady who struck out Lou Gerhig and Babe Ruth?

I played for more than twenty years, with a very good team that might have been called semipro if the players had gotten paid. I did it for fun, but I was serious about playing to win, Had to stop when I was in my mid-30s when my work schedule caught up with me and I lost my free weekends—but I have all those good memories.
Yes, I heard that story about Jackie Mitchell. It may have been true, or it may have been apocryphal—nobody knows for sure. Apparently she learned how to throw a curve ball, and that was how she accomplished that feat. But all that proved was that both Ruth and Gehrig could be gotten out with a breaking pitch, no matter who threw it. :slight_smile:

Yea, i think it is true, there was even a video of it. Because i was watching the tigers and they had a rain delay and to pass the time, they talked about it and even showed a video.

Lets get one things straight… A curve, and a slider do not break in opposite directions… That would be a screwball that would break in the opposite direction…