Difference 08 or 09 exo?

IS there any difference between the 08 exo and the 09 exo except the color?

not a single difference, except the new one is $70 more. but i would pay that extra $70 cause the new colors are sick.

i would nebver spend that much money on a bat

I saw a kid with an exo last night. Our best pitcher was pitching, I pitched before, he probably throws 5-8mph faster than me. Well what I later explained to the young thirdbaseman was that when you see a kid go in there and take the first pitch all the way when a fast pitcher is throwing, you know that he is afraid and most likely not very good. I said thats when you can move a little towards second. Well this kid wasn’t good. He swung at one and barely got around on it. It was probably the weakest slowest swing I’ve ever seen. The ball went pretty far over the 3rd base side fence. I was stunned. I think he got lucky with the contact.

bower that is bad advice about people that take the 1st pitch are afraid. some mlb hitters rarely ever swing at the 1st pitch and i know myself i never do. that doesnt mean the hitters are afraid

If you were there you’d know. I don’t mean not swing. Full out standing up not even looking ready to hit. Also his body language showed it all. Rarely do you see a pro totally stand up like they’re not going to hit it at all. Occasionaly they do but not very often.

It is a completely circumstantial obvservation. If you were there you would know.

Best aluminum bat in baseball is the Voodoo. Hands down.



'08 and '09 are the same aside from color in fact I settled for an '08 instead of an '09 just because I decided it doesn’t matter.