what do you recomend me eating because im 15 about 5’6’’ and weigh about 135 lbs. i want to loose about 5-10 lbs in fat. what do you reccomend me eating? chicken breast? sandwiches? protein shakes? supplements?

Curious why you wanna loose weight, 5’11" 135 isn’t heavy at all.

I’m about same age and same height, 125 and I feel like I needa gain a little weight. (Healthy weight mind you, muscle and fats from complex carbs ect)

If you really wanna loose some weight drop out soda.
My cousin (when he was 15) dropped all soda and lost around 10 pounds rather quickly, he still drinks sugary stuff like lemonade, but dropping pop was enough for him to loose weight in a few months. (make his health a lot better too)

Other suggestion, running, both sprinting and moderate distance is good. It doesn’t necessarily cause weight loss but what it does do is remove fat and create toned muscle. (still around same weight)

Good luck.

well i tried to cut as much greasy foods as possible but i cant cut ALL of it. lol and i cant run. i messed up my legs last season cathing without gear. yea my stupid coasch was lazy 2 open the car and stuff. so ive been trying to cut as much burgers out as possible and eat sandwiches and chicken breasts. i want to loose all my fat. cause im working on a six pack and stronger arms.

You’re right on about the fact that fats should be eliminated. However, some fats like those found in nuts, flax seed oil, some fish and peanut butter (all known as Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs) are actually very good for you – and needed for weight loss if weight loss is a goal.

It sounds crazy, but you actually need to consume some healthy fat to lose fat. (The key is balanced consumption.)

With that being said, at 135 pounds I wouldn’t lose too much more weight. If you look at Major League pitchers, I don’t know of many who are less than 200 pounds (and that’s on the low end!). Most are probably 210-235 or more. Going the other direction with your weight, which is what I think you’re interested in doing, is the opposite direction of where I’m assuming you’d like to be one day – in the Big Leagues.

well the thing is i have more fat than muscle. i wanna loose my fat @least and put on some more muscle.

If you are really 5’11’’ 135 you can’t have much fat. Also, you can gain weight and reduce body fat. Eat a healthy diet that is high in protien and hit the weight room. You will gain muscle and the healthy foods will help reduce fat. If your just interested in losing weight, drink water. It really does help.

you sound skinny as hell to be quite honest at 5’11 135

i’m about 6’1 190 and my abs are clearly visible, veins are visible in my arms

just learn about nutrition, a book i recommend quite often is LEAN BODIES by Cliff Sheets, its got all the basics of nutrition in there, its the perfect book to start with…

don’t become fixated on a weight number, because i weigh 55lbs more then you and i don’t have loose skin

once you start eating correctly your body will take care of itself, plus your still 15 i dont know too many 15 year olds who are muscular and ripped

but definetly don’t make it a point to LOSE weight, your small as it is

for clarification yes I’m 5’11" 135. (the loosing weight was asked by blackdragon who’s 5’6" 135lbs.

It sucks to be quite honest. My genes sucks, my dad graduated Highschool at 5’9" 130. I know that doesn’t mean I can’t put on muscle, it just I don’t have as much of a natural advantage as some.

For me, my abs are easily visble, descent arms and legs actually, pretty good size. I just don’t have excess meat across my back, chest, or an excess on my legs or arms. You would not believe how bad it hurts to get hit by a pitch, straight mucle and bone bruises.

Veins are everywhere, like the bulge after a hard sprints set, or anything with lots of activity.

My percent body fat is around 6.5%, which is unbelievably low (used a real scale, that sends pulses through the body). The average adult bodyfat is closer to 15%-18% for men. (And while it’s low, health works both ways, if I was just skinny it wouldn’t be good at all, on the other hand, if I have muscle, I just fine. Either way, I wanna say florida state’s running back a few years ago had a 3%, for example.

I eat plenty, had a full pizza for lunch, 1/3 box of raw spagetti for a snack (1/3lb?), and a bacon cheese burger a little bit ago. Also doing protein shakes. I know my diet could be improved, but I would say I’m doing good, have 1 pop every 4-5 days, and cut a lot of fast food out.

I’ve already noticed a weight gain of muscle in the last month or so, however for the time I am currently stuck with low weight, high rep, which doesn’t give as much mass as tone.

If anyone has any solid suggestions for gaining weight, they would be happyily taken.

anyone have any suggestions on gaining weight ? im 5’7 160 and ive had trouble gaining weight…

to gain weight you need to eat more calories then you burn off

google basic metabolic rate, and find out what yours is…if your BMR is 3000 then you could eat 4000 calories a day and put on some weight

learn about what foods do what by going to your library or doing a little research on the internet and then come up with some stuff to eat…if you get 3 big macs everyday your gonna put on weight but its gonna be sloppy weight

i personally like to make up a whole bunch of snacks on a sunday to last me through the week

you could get a bunch of carrots and broccoli, clean them throw them in a storage bucket you can store in the fridge, and i marinate them with italian dressing

if you have a crock pot at home, you can get a couple cans of green beans, leave them in the crock pot for a day and then they would be ready to eat all week…

i buy some packs of chuck steaks (cheap steaks) and i will put them in my grill and then i’ll have 4 or 5 steaks i can snack on when i get hungry

eggs are quick and easy…egg WHITES, the yolks are full of cholesterol and i have read that by eating one egg yolk it raises your cholesterol 10%

also if you go shopping at a costco or sams club its cheaper to get your food and you can buy in bulk

i hate cooking so i mean if i can cook one day and it lasts me for 5 or 6 days i’m happy, just be resourceful and learn what you need to eat

off hand can anyone tell me any high calorie healthy foods. Because with my current diet there’s no way I can ever eat 4000 calories, which is probably necessary

you have to eat a ton that’s all there is to it, you can’t eat 3 small meals and call it a day

oatmeal, meats, dry form grits, wheats, most beans, potatoes…

everyone recommends sweet potatoes but i hate sweet potatoes i just go with the normal baked potatoes