I’m a senior in high school, 6’2" , 270 and I’m looking to lose some weight.

Any diets that help to lose weight but also help as a pitcher?

Like any pitcher specific diets out there I guess?

If you eat healthy, it will help you as an athlete and also make you lose weight. As I have mentioned before, John Berardi has the best nutritional stuff around, so you should look into that. He has worked with a number of professional athletes and his style is much more applicable to daily life than fad plans that severely limit what you can eat.

Well thanks…but unfortunately I do not have enough money for that robber.

Unless he has programs set in the articles for free?

If you look in the nutrition articles section (which is free), Berardi does provide all the info you could possibly want about nutrition. His program Precision Nutrition is 100 bucks, but it covers a great deal of info and access to his online program stuff plus cookbooks with healthy recipes. I don’t have Precision Nutrition, but I don’t think it’s robbery to charge $100 for it. I paid 30 bucks for one of Berardi’s books and it was money well spent.

But, like I said, you can use his nutrition articles to put together a meal plan for yourself.

Start here for the basics:

And then these for your specific goals:

I’m not really super-knowledgeable on nutrition, but if you have any specific questions, ask away. If you can get CF or lbarber in here, they’d probably be even more helpful.