I am looking for a diet that I can use to loose some weight. I am 6’8’’ 250 and I want to lose 10, 15 pounds…I can really only eat 4 times a day at a cafeteria, breakfast, lunch, diner, and night, anyone have any ideas?

As far as meats go, try eating a majority of grilled white meats and fish. Eat a lot of whole fuits and vegetables, i.e. salads. Try to eliminate most of the carbs especially white bread, pastas, potatoes, etc. When you do eat carbs, they should be whole grain such as wheat bread. Also eliminate as much sugar as possible. Natural sugars are ok. Obviously vegetables and fruits and such have natural sugars but try to avoid candy, soda, and cookies. Drink a lot of water as opposed to juices or sodas.
So, following these guidelines you should also try and reduce the amount of calories you take in and increase the amount you burn. So basically don’t eat as many calories, and work harder in the gym, i.e. run more than you do now and when you’re lifting, do circuits that will keep your heart rate up and burn more calories.

Eliminate useless carbs is by far the quickest way to lose some weight. It’s shocking what happens if you drink only water and milk (provided your body handles dairy ok) and if you get rid of white bread and most deserts.

Here’s a list of items that well if you are consuming a lot of them on a regular basis you are going to feel awesome and lose plenty of fat…

It also explains why they are good.

I tend to get in a fair amount of cottage cheese as well, great lean protein source, however if your body doesn’t handle dairy well it can be to much for some.

For the times you aren’t able to eat in the caff, have some healthy snacks so that you don’t eat as much when you are in the caff. Mixed nuts are good, maybe pick up a few boxes of protein bars, that sort of thing.

Also if you aren’t already taking fish oil, start, among the million other things the research has shown it’s good for, it also helps people improve their body composition.

It sounds funny but try a diet of strictly plant based protien. Nuts, Seeds, Roots basically anything green eat it. Scientist now know that human beings are herbivores. Lay off the milk and dairy as it is extremely fattening and mucose forming. Your body and organs spend so much or its energy trying to break down chicken, beef ect that the body actually looses more minerals through the process. Plus this protien is hardly useable most is stored as fat anyway. I guarantee you will lose ten pounds or more by using plant based foods. Good Luck.

Human beings are not herbivores. As for the rest, thats BS.

Protein,healthy fats, vegetables and fruits. This is the best way to describe carbohydrates in my opinon, it was said by strength coach Charles Polquin, “You have to earn your carbs period.” Thats my input.

If it’s bs then why did Nolan ryan have open heart surgery @ 50 something???
His son said he was Eating steaks and brots everyday

Sounds like someone needs to do thier homework

[quote=“heatrockhurler”]If it’s bs then why did Nolan ryan have open heart surgery @ 50 something???
His son said he was Eating steaks and brots everyday

Sounds like someone needs to do thier homework[/quote]
What kind of retarded logic is that? Has anyone here said that eating fatty or overprocessed foods is a good idea for weight loss? Nope. Lean meats like chicken and fish are extremely beneficial for weight loss and overall health. That has been proven and it is basic nutritional info so I’m not going to waste time arguing.

The Maasai in Africa spent thousands of years living on meat, blood, and milk and they remained some of the healthiest people in the world (with the lowest rates of cholesterol or heart disease). Meat and animal products in and of themselves are perfectly fine. What people do to cook it can be problematic. Same can be said for veggies, grains, etc.

P.S. Aaron was not a vegetarian during his playing days. He picked up the nickname “porkchop” when playing in the minors because he ate porkchops almost every day. Just fyi.

I will have to agree that people are herbivores, but not grain eating people. We where meant to eat meat, because that was the most abundant food source for early man. Although when it was not around we at nuts berries and vegetables and fruit. So really we are herbivores, but grains and processed carbs are not tolerated very well by people. And our genotype has not changed that much in the past 10,000 years to tolerate grains. I do agree with KC86 that tribes are some of the healthiest societies. The whole Nolan Ryan thing is a crap statement to make. It could have been a number of factors affecting him having heart problems. Like I dont know maybe age.

Chad your statements are a bit contradictory. If you think that humans are herbivores that means that they are physically adapted to eat only plants. The availability issue just means that we are more similar to omnivores, who eat whatever is nearby.

And just to note, I have nothing against vegans nor do I think it is totally unhealthy. There are some athletes that are vegan, Mac Danzig comes to mind, who are at an elite level strength and conditioning wise. However, it does bug me when someone makes unfounded statements about meat or animal products being bad or unhealthy. Being vegetarian is more of a personal choice than a performance aid.

Thats my bad Kc86 I miss read that. Your right, what I meant to say was that we are omnivores not herbivores. Your exactly right. Now that you made that correction, I take back the statement about the herbivore thing, and completly think that the person that made the statement early is out of his mind. If that person thinks that people are herbivores than he needs a history lesson on mans evolution through the ages. Now everyone who doesnt believe in evolution dont jump my bones please.

I would also like to tell you Tanner that the statement made by heatrockhurler, that beef chicken and such take a long time to break down and you lose nutrients is partly true. If you want to jump start your metabolism, the easiest way is to eat protein. It is such a complex nutrient with all of the amino acids, that it takes more energy to break them down, compared to fat and carbs. That extra energy spent by the body to break it down is what is called the thermogenic effect of food or TEF. Protein takes twice the energy by the body to break it down compared to fat and carbs. That means boosted metabolism.

I would also like to say that the nutrient lost thing is crap. I meant to type it in but I completly forgot to and I dont want to sound like a fool. Also protein, and amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and tendons and ligaments and all other things tissue. So consume protein. Its what you need to build muscle and recover from throwing. Carbs just replenish your glycogen lost from using the muscle, and fat for the most part reduces inflammation, and effects your horomones particularly testosterone. Of course all of those macronutrients do other things as well, So dont hold me to those few statement I have made. Plant based proteins are not a great choice because they are incomplete proteins, as in they dont have all of the essential amino acids for the human body to function. That means protein difficency. Although I would like to say that vegitarian lifestyle is a choice and that I’m not bashing it, just trying to give the facts.