Diet Plan

I’m 15, and I got baseball practice 2-3 times a week, and the other days I either run or do some lifting, but is there any certain diets out there I should go on to keep my strength up and stay fit and healthy?

Not any named diets (fad diets), but a overall healthy diet.

From what I’ve been told by Mr. Ellis others here, and some others is:

Try and get nutrient dense/rich food: lots of complex carbs and nutrients per serving.
One’s I’ve heard are spaghetti, and other pastas.

Another big thing I’ve heard is protein shakes, especially if your working out.

Try and cut out thing like:
fast food (I know it’s a hard one)
pop (I say this with a can sitting next to me, a very hard one for some)
and any other sugary foods.

Hope this helps

hey thanks man it does help

buy a nutrition book

i learned alot from a book called lean bodies by cliff sheets…its not difficult to follow if your nutrionally ignorant

spaghetti and pasta is not what your looking for that will turn to fat, especially if you eat a big plateful like you would get at the olive garden everyday

when starting out there are three things you need to get in your diet with moderation

go after starchy carbs like
brown rice, wild rice, corn, pretty much any type of bean, peas, potatoes, get whole wheat bread

fiber filled veggies like
broccoli, cabbage, salads, green beans, spinach…pretty much everything green for you that you don’t get out of the candy store is good for you…excluding things you smoke :lol:

and then proteins are vital especially for athletes
you get this in meat, fish, tuna…i wouldn’t go get 5 big macs everyday, but turkey and ham are cheap, they have some protein…i’d recommend a gram of protein per body weight…i’m 190lbs so i usually take in around 200g of protein which is just a little extra

and make sure you drink lots and lots of water because all the protein can be tough on your kidneys and you need your water to coninuously wash all the excess waste out

theres ALOT more nutrition, but you gotta start somewhere…if your series about getting your diet in tact, i’d highly recommend that book

Workout before or after school and prepare your own healthy meals for school, pretty easy once you start

Fat Burner Progarm

See if there’s something like
in your town. They deliver muscle meals for all our athletes once per week so all you need to do is heat them up (no meal prep). At your age, keep it simple and don’t worry about any diet books.

  1. Eat Well
  2. Keep Hydrated
  3. Regular Exercise
  4. Routine and Variety
  5. Relaxing and Sleep
    Enjoy what you are doing, if you enjoy your exercise you will work harder.

Kyle Leon Scam

avoid junk foods and eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts etc. that diet keep you healthy and fit.

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