Did you have a chilidog before the game?

A club I was with for a short time unexpectedly made the playoffs due to some unusual league circumstances and some sort of glitch in the math they were using to compute the standings.

As the ole saying goes …” if something can go wrong… it usually will”, should have been expected, especially with that organization. And one of the biggest problems that we … they… had was the left hand usually didn’t know what the right hand was doing.

Our first game for this post season spot was to be played on our field. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the opportunity and we all made a big deal of it. Now you’d think everyone would be on the same page, … I mean same day and time, same preparations… same everything. Nope.

As it turned out, the groundskeeper and his entire department was left in the dark, and seeing how we were a miserable lot on the field as it was, I guess it would be only natural to expect a quick end to the season when we lost our last game … in a string of lost games.

So ……, our groundskeeper was prepping the field for it’s winter down time and he had a commercial contractor spread fertilizer all over the field, soak it down, then covered the skins and wall-la … done for the season… it’s Miller time…

To bad we had our first of two games there … it was unusually warm (90) and sometimes breezy, which slammed the door shut on making any money in the stands selling hotdogs and stuff.

But what really did us in, was the umpire crew … they were not amused. But they seem to tolerate it until our first guy up at bat planted both feet firmly in the box, snapped his head back to the plate ump and said… “ Whew… did you have a chilidog before the game Blue??”. STRIKE ONE… STRIKE TWO… STRIKE THREE!!! It went like that for nine very short innings every time I guys came up to bat.