Did you ever get credit for something


Did you ever get credit for something that you had
absouletly nothing to do with.

Talk about the invisable man. I was reminded yesterday
of getting credit for something that I had absoultely nothing
to do with. A good laugh by all at my expense. (tough guys
I have coffee and donuts with)

On an away game I over slept. Our bus pulled out of the
parking lot, without me. I woke up to the rumbling of the
desile engine of the bus as it made its way to the interestate.
I tried for five hours to get a taxi, but to no avail. Finally,
I forked over fifty bucks to a desk clerk for a ride, about
ten miles to the stadium where we were scheduled.
I got dropped off just in time to hear the annoucer give his
sales pitch of sponsors and the next game… “ get your tickets
early folks…”

I was in my game uniform and made my way to the visitor’s locker,
expecting to get what was coming to me. As I put my bags down in
a corner next to a room filled with circuit breakers, our skipper and
his two assistants walk by, patted me on the back and give me a nod,
along with … “nice job managing the pen Bake…”

It seems that the two guys sloted for that evening did pretty good.
It wasn’t until I started to board our bus that it dawned on me…
“nobody missed me, the pen just did what they normally did –
staying lose and screwig around as usual.”

In my case anyway – sometimes it’s best to blend in so good, that
things go on inspite of me.