Did this pitcher take a cheap shot at the ump?

What do you think? :baseballcatcher:

looks like it to me but maybe catcher did it…looks like he throws down a fastball sign then gets his glove up and at last second jumps into dirt. pretty bad acting

Yea, that looks like it was more the catcher than the pitcher.

i actually think that it was just a hung slider or curve. the catcher got down to block it but it never broke.

nah its clearly intentional but i think its funny. i mean i wouldnt recomand this to anyone this could be dangerous but at same time i never though about it.


That’ll piss the umpire off.

That guys is called a “pass ball”… not a passed ball that is charged to the catcher… but an intentional hit for the plate umpire.

Here’s the problem assoicated with things like that.

if a catcher is talented enough to be looked at further by the pro scouts.
pro scouts know that pitchers at that level normally meter at 89-90 routinely. that kind of child’s play can spell serious trouble for a plate umpire. in short, it’s deadly.
a “pass ball” at the professional level is not only fine$$ worthy, BUT
also a sure fire way to be banned from baseball period.
The Association of Minor League Umpires, which respresents ALL minor league umpires, and the World Umpires Association (“WUA”) which is the certified collective bargaining agent for all regular full-time major league umpires … will definitely have future legal plans for that catcher…
depending on the level where that kind of stunt is done.

Bottom line… it was a cheap short, has no business being anywhere near the great game, and could have been an injury for that man.

If that catcher was part of my responsibility. he’d be on a long rough ride home in the back of a bus. GONE… PERIOD… WE DO NOT HAVE A CONVERSATION HERE… REPORT TO THE EQUIPMENT MANAGER AND GET OUT.

Coach B.

Looked like a cheap shot to me. I once hit the ump during warmups. I didn’t get another called strike the entire game.

it definently looks like the catcher did it. he can get mad when their making bad calls too, ya know :wink:

(when i :wink: im being sacrastic, k)

This was def set up by the pitcher and catcher. A lot of you guys are saying it was the catcher, he wouldnt do something like that unless the pitcher and him discussed it. It had nothing to do with a hanging breaking ball, it was way too obvious.

The pitchers brother who is supposed to go first round was k’d looking the inning before this, it’s a Ga. State Championship game and I really think it’s about as despicable as it can be…The catcher also has a D-1 ride, they were arguing balls and strikes the whole game…If it were my call there would be severe ramifications…The GHSAA is looking into what sanctions need to be levied here.
My son broke an umps hand…by accident and I’ve been behind the catcher myself taken some major ouches…this was as bush as it can get imo

that make the strike zone smaller

Frankly, I hope that the umpire:

  1. Files assult charges-Criminal
  2. Persues Legal ramifications- civily
  3. Reports this incident to the Umpires association and that the Rep does not rest until the Pitcher and Catcher are banned for life.
  4. The pitcher never receives another call of “strike” from any other umpire
  5. In School Ball- that the League director expels them from competition for life.
  6. The coach kicks them off the school team, and the school board expels them from school.
  7. That the NCAA moves to bar them from any competiion.

Let that suffice! Why? look at the vid! The catcher obscures the ump’s vision and then takes his mitt away at the last movment so the ump has no chance to move. If we find out the names I will make sure that my proffessional baseball team (in my town) never looks at these guys!

Ian (a very ticked off Ian)

the catcher gives a high target and then feigns like he is crossed up by the pitch and tries to block it in the dirt. :!: His action is totally incongruent with the set up and pitch. Even when there is a mix up on the signal a catcher usually attempts to recover towards the ball and not away from it. This is blatant.

Should be thrown out of the league and possibly the pitcher should go as well.

clearly this was setup between the pitcher and the catcher before the inning started. bush league play, suspensions should be in order.

Don’t rule out that the coach wasn’t involved. The kids may have just been taking orders. Clearly an investigation and punishment is in order.

Roger-Very good point-I guess these guys did not watch the “Sports Science” episode where they examine what happens if someone is hit in the head by a big league fastball.Even with a helmet, its chilling- without… Ian

Here’s part of the Sport Science clip Thanks to Fox Sports Ohio, Sports Science andYou Tube:

I just remember watching Sammy Sosa’s helmet explode on his head…IMO he was never the same player. If that ump was hit in an unprotected area…well the vid Ian just dropped shows it all.

Matt Hill, the Stephens County High School catcher accused of intentionally letting a pitch hit an umpire last week, won’t be playing baseball at Gordon College as a result.

Gordon baseball coach Travis McClanahan said he spoke with Hill on Wednesday and withdrew an invitation for Hill to be a walk-on with the team next season.

Well, he will probably regret that moment for the rest of his life.

Ethan Martin, the pitchers brothers, was picked up by the dodgers in the first round for the 15th pick overall.