Did it wrong

i just realized that forkballs are meant to be thrown with little forward spin. mine spins slowly backwards but still breaks. ive been trying to figure out a way to get the ball to come out of the hand with slow forward spin but with good velocity. any tips on how to throw the splitter/forkball would be appreciated. thanks in advance

I go by the policy of “if it aint broke , dont fix it” If its breaking it works. and people argue about this. Forward spin,backward spin in the end it has pretty close to the same result. Just keep doing what you’re doing. But if your must need forward spin just hold onto the ball as long as possible and flick your wrist a lil at the end

To me, the spin of the ball is last on the list of things to think about. If it is a pitch that you can throw for strikes, there is some deception and even some movement, you already have a good offspeed pitch.