Dick Mills's pitching videos

Many of you have Dick Mills’s pitching videos. Do you think they’re still helpful to youth pitchers in light of some of his new science-based teachings? If not, what videos do you recommend – and where can you get them?

(Have gotton a few e-mails about this recently and directed the questions to the forum. I thought I’d get the thread going here.)


Is he worth the money? sorry to bring up an old post but I was reading one of his old mail offers and it sounds interesting. Does he still disagree with wieght training and long toss. and when he talks about a “fast belly button” is this his way of explaining hip/shoulder seperation

[quote=“khut”]Does he still disagree with wieght training and long toss.[/quote]He doesn’t actually disagree with weight training or long toss. He just claims that they don’t help to increase velocity. He’s dead set against long toss being able to help improve “pitching” because it’s not specific enough. The research studies he references in his book point to long toss being a completely different neural pattern that the brain recognizes as different. His statement is that you get good at what you practice. Therefore, if you practice throwing with all of the neural patterns that result in a ball thrown from flat ground, on a trajectory that is not toward a target 60’-6" (or whichever distance you’re at for your age level) and isn’t at a finely defined target (like low, outside corner), you’ll get very good at doing just that.

He does agree that long toss can be beneficial in conditioning the arm generally but that’s about it for connection to the act of pitching a baseball, downhill on a mound to a finely defined target at 60’-6".

[quote=“khut”]… when he talks about a “fast belly button” is this his way of explaining hip/shoulder seperation[/quote]That’s his way of saying that you need to be explosive, very late in the delivery. It’s just his recommended “mental cue” that, combined with the rest of his methodology and mental cues, will result in the hip/shoulder separation we’re all speaking of. He doesn’t believe you can train h/s separation directly and he also believes that you don’t even have to think about doing it. His claim is that MLB pitchers in the past never had to be told to do it, yet they did just the same because they rotated late and had a “fast belly button”.

My reading of him over the years is that he’s attempting to find “mental cues” that will “result” in the desired actions. Some of those cues aren’t necessarily perfectly accurate but the result is what he’s concerned about in those who are his customers. For example, he’s very aware that you don’t land with your front foot pointing to or slightly to the closed side of the targete line and have your hips perfectly aligned between 2nd and home, but he tells his students to think that way regardless because he believes that it’s an effective way to get them to do what they need to do.

Remember this. He has many enemies out there and you’ll hear all sorts of things attributed to him that sound ridiculous. Many of them aren’t actually the truth, although some are. I’ve seen many times on other boards where people say he recommends something which I know he’s never taught or doesn’t teach any more.

alright thanks