dick mills

does dick mills know what he is talking about
or is he just in it for the money

You’re going to read a lot of conflicting opinions about this Richard Alan Mills, so you’ll need to take some time and think about this guy, whether he’s for real or not. What I know about him: he doesn’t always tell things straight. To hear him talk, he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually, his major league experience consisted of 3 2/3 innings of relief with the Red Sox in 1970, with no decision, and frankly, I don’t consider this much of a recommendation.
He has, of course, his own ideas about mechanics, and also to hear him talk they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now, some of them may work. Some of them don’t. And there’s a lot of argument going on between the followers of Mr. Mills and the followers of Tom House, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the two of them—I’ll just say that both of them have some good ideas but that not all of them will work for everybody, because no two pitchers are alike. :greenmartian:

Let me start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of Mills. However, it’s not because he doesn’t have a ton of big league time. First off, to get to the big leagues in the first place you must be pretty damn good. Better than 99.9 % of baseball players who ever attempt to throw a jersey on. So bashing him because he only has 3 or whatever innings in the big leagues seems pretty weak. Also, on the flip side, if you happen to have a decade of big league time doesn’t necessarily mean you know exactly what your talking about either.

Personally, I am a client of Dick Mills and can relate to his stuff more easily but my reasoning is yes these guys argue with each other and say their method is better than the other’s but really they are all saying the same thing pretty much but have different ways of approaching virtually the same motion…with all the research the two guys put into it they just say what makes most sense in their heads and try to relate it to other people so that they can make sense of it. I had the opportunity of flying up to Dick Mill’s house for a lesson and the guy is a good guy who isn’t really trying to screw anyone out of any money I mean we were there for several hours to figure out my mechanics and so far it has paid off really well. In the end though, it is what makes the most sense in your head.

I’ve always believed that given a one on one opportunity the guru’s would prove very helpful, a book or program will only give back to the effort put in. No coach in a box can give you what personal attention can give. Results will always vary by the effort and desire put into it.

getting to the bigs is hard

Man, you really provide a lot of insight, don’t you?