dick mills?

Learn how even small skinny pitchers can throw 95 mph fastballs almost effortlessly!
i saw this on his website and under it it had a pic of nolan ryan and tim lincecum under it throwing…and i can guarantee you that no pitcher throws a ball 95 mph effortlessly, he makes it sound like if u move fast and have astride 120% of your height(which is ridiculous sounding to me) that u will automaticaly throw 95 :?: :?:

He`s wrong. There are so many people offering the magic pill that will make you throw 90mph+… Most even offer training that shows the “hidden secret” that somehow has escaped over 100 years of baseball. Heres the thing you have to know…there are people in the world that will buy ANYTHING if it means maybe getting any results and not having to work as hard.

Want your best shot at 95mph?

Eat Right
Rest Right

Everyday do something to make you better than you were before.

There is no hidden pill or certian technique that will instantly give you amazing gains.

I think he does it for the money. I think he try to get people to buy his stuff and he’s targeting small people. Theres a lot of genetics in Tim Lincecums mechanics.

I do use alot of advice learned from his books (some of which I own) and his website (which I visit frequently), but it’s true… there are alot of genetics in Tim Lincecum’s mechanics. And the best thing you can do is get a good training, conditioning, and nutrition plan together, follow it, and THROW.

The magic key to throwing 95 mph is…