Dick Mills Pitching Videos

How do you feel about Dick Mills? Have any of you purchased his Complete Pitching Instruction Program and used it or looked through it? Is it worth buying or is he just kind of crazy? Any information you have about Dick Mills would be good. Does he teach proper mechanics? Does he make sense? Please let me know. Steve, I would especially like to hear from you since you were a professional pitcher at one point. You were also a professional much more recently than Dick Mills so im sure you have some positive insight for me.

Thanks alot guys.

The fact that he likes to bash other “experts” is distasteful to me and takes away some of his credibility.

Ignoring that, however, I think his momentum pitching takes the momentum aspect to an extreme at the cost of rotational aspects of the delivery. It also ensures that your mechanics from the wind-up and stretch are vastly different. I prefer wind-up and stretch mechanics to be more similar that different.

Mills also seems to be against drills. I, on the other hand, think drills have their place.

In the end, what ever is being recommended by whomever, look to see if any pros are doing that.

If you buy the Complete Pitching Instruction Program you get his Explosive Pitching DVD. This uses the traditional windup. It helped raise my velocity 10+ mph.

You also get his DVD on how to analyze video of your mechanics (he puts alot of emphasis on video taping yourself pitching), a pitching grips and strategy DVD, and also access to his members only forums (not knocking these forums) where he can personally analyze your mechanics.

These are some samples of the Explosive Pitching DVD from youtube