Dick Mills New Book

I noticed Steve wrote about Dick Mills new book. For a look at the table of contents here is the web address:


It looks like an extensive review of pitching information. I know that I have not always agreed with his work, but like Steve explained in his article, it is always good to look at every perspective to develop a clear and effective plan.

I too have not always agreed with his ideas but I am going to get his book. The promise from him is that it is ALL based on solid science from many sources, not his own, and that many previous studies that people have relied on for years had serious flaws. Serious enough to make them not reliable. It’s going to be a hard read in many respects. It’s approx. 4 lbs. in weight. He’s relying on Brent Rushall for the sports science side of things.

The conclusions drawn from the studies he references are a little hard to fathom without seeing the studies. I’m hoping it’s well presented. If he’s right, it has a major impact on how to train.

We’ll see.