Dick Mills Conditioning Program

I was thinking of purchasing Dick Mills’ “Conditioning The Pitcher For Power” conditioning program and was wondering of anybody had used it and what their results were. I am a 15 year old high school pitcher and am 6’2" and 160 pounds.

I already have his “Explosive Pitching” video and it has really worked for me. I was hoping that adding on his conditioning program would help significantly improve my velocity and durability.

What does he teach in the “Explosive Pitching” program?

Haven’t heard about the conditioning program, but would be interested if it works.


“Explosive Pitching” is different than “Momentum Pitching” in that it still uses the conventional baseball windup but speeds it up and makes it more explosive (hence the name). Its good if you want to add some velocity but not make the radical change to momentum pitching.

Isn’t he the guy that used to say that any conditioning outside of pitching is useless? (long toss, strength training, etc.)

I have his cd/dvd and he (really his wife) says that training of the core, legs, and shoulders are necessary and you need to train explosively if you want to pitch explosively. Most of his training revolved around a medicine ball, bands, and balance work (one-legged squats), pylometrics. He wasn’t against lifting weights he just said to do this after you did his workout and that he didn’t believe that lifting would help you become a more explosive pitcher and it might hurt you.

Yeah, basically the same argument that RIStar beat into the ground before. Training explosively is not the only ingredient to explosive strength. I could write for pages on why this is not the case, but suffice it to say that there are a multitude of strength specialists who have already proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mills is just making conjecture based on his own personal beliefs and experiences, which really amounts to a hill of beans in my opinion. Mills is not a strength coach, he is a pitching coach.

I’d purchase TuffCuff before that. Don’t buy into garbage. Don’t get me wrong Mills could be on to something. Chances of that are slim and why risk it? Purchase a real workout program that is proven to work, TuffCuff. It’s the workouts that a lot of pros are using.

yes, it is lol :lol:


You can look at a 7-day trial of their workouts as well.

The problem with Dick Mills is that he changed his coaching style long after his own career. The reason he changed his style is because his son was a top draft pick and then had serious arm problems. What Mills is teaching now is something that is even new to him. I wouldn’t take advice from someone who hasn’t practiced what they preach. I have never read TuffCuff but I assume it is a collection of Steven Ellis’ off-season pitching routine. This to me is worth reading.

I have also put together the AcePitcher Handbook of my off-season routine which allowed me to come back after almost career ending shoulder surgery. My handbook has my Fusion system which is everything from joint integrity training to total body training. Weights, ploymetrics and speed work is the best way to develop explosive muscles.

What I have learned is the best Coaches are ex pros that were forced to overcome a major obstacle. This is because they have been forced to learn their position mechanically. Natural athletes usually have no clue why they perform better than others. This is why natural athletes make bad coaches. Dick Mills was a natural athlete who later on in his life began to analyze his game.